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Hospitality Tips For Bigger Thanks! HTBT

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Twenty Five Plus Year Veteran New York City Restaurant Manager, Author, Consultant And FOH Expert LeeAnne Homsey Can Double Your Sales & Seatings Now When She Turns You And Your Staff Into Social Engagement Specialists.

Conventional training teaches employees only to “accommodate” customers. Instead, create the experiences that create more purchases and social engagement every minute your restaurant is open.

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Come Meet Me At The New York Restaurant Show! March 6th-8th Javitz Center Booth #1105

"Is Your Employee Training Exciting Your Staff To Sell?

Do you know which words to train your staff that will get your customers spending more and bringing friends?
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I do.

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You will learn how to train your staff for success. Learn to engage and increase sales and customers plus stop you will learn how to stop your employee turnover.

Call Me And Your Employees Will Sell More, Engage More And Create The Memorable Experiences That Customers Crave And Return For.

With my high intensity hospitality motivational workbooks your employees will develop a better work-ethic and learn engaging hospitality service. They will learn to engage your customers, engage your business, engage your food sales and reputation and bring them all to the next level. I will show them the food industry's new, "social staging" techniques and language that has customers posting and tweeting right from their tables and making future reservations before they even leave the restaurant.

Times have changed. Your employee training needs updating. Contact me to excite and deliver! My training is guaranteed. Train to engage and put high profits on autopilot for life.

Management Engagement Coaching / Expert Employee Training And Motivation For 30+ years.
Author, speaker, columnist for "Total Food Service" Magazine. In this age of intuitive experiences you need to have your employees engaging with your customers. My employee engagement training is guaranteed.

Is your staff making sure your guests come back or are they simply thanking customers as they leave?

Within your P&L equation, the biggest piece of your puzzle is your staff and most restaurant employees are never trained to utilize the vast amount of resources available to them to create better, more hospitable customer experiences. They are actually never trained to create more customers at all and needless to say, they never trained to make sure that each customer comes back. In fact your employees aren't ever really trained to engage with your customers at all.

Now how can you have a successful business if your staff isn't trained to engage with customers and they don't know or even care if those customers are ever coming back?

Restaurant employees are rarely trained to provide a customer experience beyond that of the customer's current dining experience. They are never asked to go "above and beyond" before, during or after work and yet this is exactly what superior hospitality requires these days and some customers have now come to expect.

Customers now expect intuitive buying experiences everywhere they spend their money. They anticipate excellent customer service with "customer relation" minded employees and if your employees haven't been trained to engage customers to create relationships, there is no way to stay ahead or know if your customers will return much less when they will return.

Let's face it, your employees are never trained in anything but your product and service. They are never trained in anything outside of your restaurant therefore they have been trained only to serve and up-sell your existing flow of customers.  They are never trained to create more customers and are never coached at all on how to make sure each customer comes back.

Well in light of the recent wage increases I believe this is the time to start demanding more from employees. This is the time to retrain for engagement and success.

Your employees need to know all the ways they can utilize their vast resources both in and outside of your restaurant and create better, more hospitable and engaged dining experiences for each and every customer to guarantee repeat a repeat visit. This is the time to start whipping your training, motivating, coaching program into shape to get your staff excited about the new year.

After all, how can you possibly hope to have a successful business if you don't even know if your customers are coming back? Serving the best steak does not guarantee a customer's return. Building a relationship which allows your employee to ask, "So, when will I see you again Mr. Smith?" will guarantee a return visit from each customer and have your guests making reservations before they leave.

Do you need to increase sales and freeze your employee turnover?

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Manage Your Staff To Engage And Excite Your Customers! 
Manage Your Staff To WANT To Create Massive Amounts Of Relationships Guaranteed With My "Server's Customer Engagement Workbook" Included. Read And Ask Questions From The Workbook At Each Pre-Shift Meeting For Two Weeks And Watch Your Sales Explode!  
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Start managing your staff to build your guest's experience to remember all of their personal preferences and create more frequent and more engaged visits. Read this book and the new mind-set for all employees will be focused on creating relationships and experiences instead of problems or excuses. 
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Two books in one!

Book 1: Restaurant owners or anyone looking to motivate their employees to the highest level anyone has ever seen, these sixteen chapters will teach you how to coach your staff to create rabid customer followings, one-of-a-kind customer engagements, thousands of customer referrals and reviews, tens of thousands of repeat customer, unmatched team spirit and complete control over your social media reputation.

Book 2:  training modules for your staff.

The final sixteen chapters include a workbook for your employees to crystallize goals and make them reality faster than they ever imagined possible. Use these chapters to show your staff the new way to look at and explode their sales.

Waiters and front of house employees: make more money, save steps and create nicer more appreciative customers. See how to fill their stations with great tipping, thankful customers who appreciate them and leave bigger tips than they ever dreamed possible.

Wouldn't you like your customers personally greeted by name, their hands shook, the doors opened for them, their drinks already in hand and food preferences already known? Wouldn't you love guests to be treated like royalty? Be introduced to other staff members, new dishes, private events and tastings?  Your customers want that too!

Unique coaching and training concepts,  easy to implement, attitude adjusting, hospitality engagement training for less than $30.00!
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